Sunday, October 21, 2007

Friends of Marinao Fortuny

Welcome to friends of Mariano Fortuny.

I have been fascinated with the fabrics of Mariano Fortuny y Madrazo, simply called Fortuny to many. His process for creating incredible textiles is a legendary secret, a mystery and in my experience no one has come close to discovering how he worked his magic.

As an avid collector of his textiles I have searched to identify his work through books and samples. This lead to the Fortuny Directory, where we created a directory of sample fabrics both old and currently in production. We offer a catalog of color way samples, with pattern names as well as information gathered regarding pattern's and their inspiration. His work was so vast that it is difficult to include all that he created in his life time, so we focused on the cotton and velvet textiles. This blog is about sharing his work.

I have meet many interesting people who share the love of his work. This blog is for those who wish to share their stories, comments and images of his work.

So the search contiunes: